Walk in style,comfort and security with our "El Diablo" walking sticks!

Choose from no grips, 1 or 2 sets of grips for the perfect fit. ( Or hit!)

Adjustable for you!

Available in

34 inches (86cm), 36 inches (91cm), 39 inches ( 100cm). 

1-1/8 inch diameter ( 28mm)

Make it personal! Get your walking stick engraved.


  • Black CRS strap

    Some benefits of our walking sticks:

  • Made from high-quality American hickory

  • Available with or without grips

  • Custom engravable

  • Comfortable and sturdy grip

  • Stylish and elegant design

  • Skull made of high quality TPU material

Order today and enjoy the benefits of "El Diablo" American hickory walking stick!

No grips: 140€

1 set of grips : 150€

2 sets: 160€

Logo & initials :8€