When we build our combat canes, sometimes we have to cut the length of the cane. We don't want to loose any of this precious high quality wood. So, being stick fighting  fans ourselves, we decided to produce some awesome bone breaking  combat sticks.

Their length is approx. between 52 cm. & 55 cm.

Every stick receives the same treatment as our high grade canes!

Including our logo on the stick!

Available with  one set of grips, or double grips!

Engraving options  are the same as for our combat canes.

We standard  provide  flat tips on our sticks.

 For an small 5€ ( or 8€ for a pair)  addition we can provide your fighting sticks

with  "Street" tips.

We do not recommend "Street" tips for training!

Disclaimer: Cane Fighters is not to be hold responsable for any misuse

of the sold products.

Do not hesitate to mail us for more details!

Quality hardwood  stick,  our logo and one set of grips: 

Single stick: 25€             #CFSS 01

Pair of sticks: 40€          #CFPS 02

Quality hardwood  stick,  our logo and two sets of grips:

Single stick: 30€             #CFDGS  03

Pair of sticks:  50€       #CFPSD 04





Discounts for larger orders available!