Since the beginning of mankind the cane is a tool of self-preservation and eventually of status.

At Cane Fighters International we take pride to make the best possible combat canes.


Here's a short list of our handmade canes for training & practice  or  every day carry.

- The basic single grip cane:  #cfsg01

Our standard cane, comes with one set of grips, our logo and a rubber tip.

- The double grip cane:  #cfdg02

A  set of grips at both ends of the cane.

- The "Bayonet" grip cane:  #cfbg03

Two sets of grips. One on the crook side and one in the middle of the shaft.

- The double extended grip cane:  #cfde04

A set of grips on the crook side and one in the middle of the shaft connected by a set of side grips.

- The triple grip cane:  #cftg05

A set of grips on both ends of the shaft,  and one in the middle of the shaft.

- The triple extended cane:  #cfte06

It's a "double extended"  with addition of a set of grips on the end of the shaft.

- The "Bat" cane:  #cfbc07

There's a set of grips on the crook side and an double length set of grips on the last part of the shaft.





For a "Street" tip  add 10€ to the price of your cane.

Ex.: #CFBLD-15

Ex.: #CFDG-02

Ex.: # CFTG05

Most of our canes are made out of American hickory or in certain cases  white  oak.

After sculpting and sanding the raw canes they soak for 24 hours in a special high quality natural oil,

they are then sanded again. Depending on the quality of the cane, this procedure is repeated several times.

Every cane is handmade with pride in Brussels, Belgium.